About Bianca Hamilton

Bianca’s Biography


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Bianca is an award-winning visual design art director within the design industry, ten years of experience in extensive practical understanding of user interface, brand identity, art direction and driving teams. Bianca is recognised for her contributions to the design industry as per her BIMA 100 award in 2020.

She finished at the top of her class with a degree in Graphic Arts and illustration and started her career in digital advertising. Working on a variety of clients to visualise the digital campaign, ECRM design and visual communications.

Moving into consulting, Bianca now leads the visual design practice within Deloitte Digital. Growing our visual design capabilities and presence within the UK. She drives the importance of visual design. Leading the implementation of brands, creative thinking, Innovation, and elevating the interface design experience.

Her passion is to inspire future creatives within the design industry. This also includes championing diversity and inclusion within the workspace, to encourage new opportunities and create communities. Bianca is an extremely connective person, bridging the gap between people and activities. Her approach is to create a team of dedicated people based on the acronym of team Together Everyone Achieves More.