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Asia Sharif is an award-winning software engineer, the founder of ChainVerse, an engineering mentor, public speaker, blogger, role model, and tech enthusiast. Asia came from a non-technical background and transitioned into technology in January 2021 with the sole purpose of becoming an inspiration, seeking change, and advocating for black women in technology.

Asia’s mission is to build a technology school, provide scholarships for black women in tech through ChainVerse and keep mentoring hundreds of black women and people from underrepresented backgrounds. Coming from an underprivileged background, Asia takes pride in the importance of helping others and is an advocate for self-development. Asia strongly believes in mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional elevation and allocates time to host workshops and tech talks to encourage women to develop a growth mindset.

Asia has worked with and is a member of many important communities who also share her goal to encourage and elevate more black women and people from underrepresented backgrounds into tech, Asia’s communities include Black Girls In Tech, Coding Black Females, Black Valley, Code First Girls, Baddies In Tech and TechNewbies.