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Amber Shand is a multi award winning Frontend Engineer, the  co-host of the Glowing in Tech podcast which showcases black women in tech, a blogger at https://www.ambershand.co.uk/ and also a Code First Girls Instructor and Ambassador. Her mission is to empower more women to reach their full potential and share lessons she has learned from her own life experiences to help others. 

Coming from an Economics and Accounting degree, her coding journey started in 2018 when she realised that she didn’t want to pursue a career in finance. She started with doing a Code First Girls course, which was the catalyst in her gaining the confidence to pursue a career in software engineering. From then, she paid it forward by teaching their Web Development course, and won their Pay it Forward award all before landing her first role. She went on to do the Sky Get into Tech scheme which is where she developed her Python skills, and taught again with Code First Girls. 

She created and taught a Python course with Coding Black Females and Brandwatch, which solidified her learning and developed a passion for helping others in tech. She has won the Rising Star award with Coding Black Females and was a winner of the Women in Software Power List with Makers for two years in a row.

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