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Afiya is the Director of Technical Program Management at Onfido, digital identity verification. Afiya built and grew the TPM team which is the function that has enabled Onfido to scale product and technology execution to use digital identity to verify access to millions of people. Innovation is all about solving hard problems.  Afiya believes to do so you need both the tools to break down technical complexities AND bring different minds and expertise together from diverse perspectives. This is why as a leader she champions an inclusive and diverse environment creating women and Black networks within her organisation, that highlight the great contributions of their work and share their stories.


Afiya is part of the Alchemy Box founding team, which is intelligent and friendly software to help entrepreneurs make smart decisions, grow their business, and not run out of cash. The team aims to democratise the skills, analysis, and technical solutions they build in their careers for large organisations to allow smaller businesses to thrive and grow. They have built a virtual CFO that doesn’t just present data, it explains in human language and gives actionable insights. 


Afiya is also a School Governor, with Copthall School for girls as she is passionate about contributing to the development and education of Women and Young girls. As an Engineer and a Coach in all things Program & Product management, she has created programs for mentorship and industry engagements with young people and education institutions particularly in STEM. 

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