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Adeshola Cole is the CEO of Tritek Consulting, a Senior Project Manager, Business Analyst, and a Career coach/mentor with years of productive and demonstrative experience. One key belief of hers is that everyone can impact society positively no matter the status of the individual and this belief of hers has always motivated her to impact lives through her entrepreneurial pursuit.

She has worked with multiple globally recognised digital companies and brands. She is passionate about individual success, especially pertaining to her candidates at Tritek Consulting which is an avenue of helping people transition into the IT sector. To date, she has mentored and empowered over 1,000 candidates and helped them secure life-changing roles within the IT sector.

Her career story is the one she likes telling not just for the sake of telling it but to inspire and assure others that nothing is impossible so long you are determined in getting and actualising it. Her switching from the banking sector into IT as a project manager and business analyst is a vivid illustration of this submission.

She has been recognised with different awards for her humanitarian, impactful, and productive service. Some of them are Mentor of the Year 2016, Woman of the Year 2018, IT Training Company of the Year 2020, etc. Her key strength lies in stakeholder management, leadership, change management, people management, and empowerment, amidst others.

One thing that Adeshola can be described with is – “career change and transitioning are possible when the individual says so.”