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Adeola Gbakinro is the founder of Uplift The Next Generation – an organisation that focuses on removing barriers to opportunities for young people from less privileged backgrounds; as well as helping them gain access to career opportunities through conferences, mentorship and self-development workshops. Since launching in 2017, young people across Africa, Oceania, and Europe have been supported with their career development. She was named Volunteer of the Year by the Nigerian Youth in Diaspora organisation in 2019.

Adeola has been a voice for change in her community for over 10 years reaching over 3000 young people and has been featured in the Daily Mirror and The Voice Newspaper. She delivers keynote speeches and participates in panel discussions in the areas of leadership, confidence, resilience and self-development.

After her undergraduate studies, Adeola attended a coding bootcamp to learn how to code. From coding her first website from scratch, Adeola now supports organisations with their online presence, through web development, social media management, and blog writing. Adeola believes that one’s socio-economic background should not become a limiting factor as to what one can achieve in life.

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