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Abisola Oladapo is building a legacy of enduring impact by saving lives and advocating for underserved women and children. After a harrowing ordeal where she almost lost her child at birth, she drew on her painful experience to create much-needed change to ensure that other women and their families are spared preventable maternal and neonatal deaths. Abisola has led her team to provide support for thousands of pregnant women. She has leveraged her medtech and software engineering knowledge to painstakingly and expertly co-create an intuitive technology called Agnes, designed by women, for women. Agnes is positioned to reduce maternal and neonatal deaths by providing essential health services to women and children in under-served communities. 

At the helm of Mumspring, Abisola employs a holistic approach to provide mental, emotional and economic support for women to create change across all spheres of their lives. She passionately mentors and educates women to enlighten them on the power of recognising and embracing their agency for a better life. She is changing the narrative for women, one community at a time and creating safe spaces to enable them thrive. She is a fitting role model for young girls and women because she actively and intentionally aims to show them their power and agency through her work. Her remarkable work led to Forbes recognising her as one of the 52 women changing the future of femtech and healthtech globally. Additionally, KPMG (UK) recognised her as the Black Entrepreneur of the Year – Most Promising Social Impact Organisation. 

Abisola has an MBA from the London Business School, an MSc. in Management Science and Engineering from Columbia University and is a Magna Cum Laude alumna of Howard University. 

Besides pursuing her mission for measurable global impact, Abisola travels around the world, attending and speaking at conferences to gain new inspiration and inspire others to intentionally ignite a chain reaction of positive enduring change on a global scale.

When she is not hosting her podcast or authoring for Devex, you will find this mom with her girls; making memories and attempting to keep the peace.