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7 Steps On Improving Your Brand Culture

For any business that values diversity and inclusion, attracting and keeping top black female talent is a priority. However, developing a welcoming and supportive culture for black women and other underrepresented groups can be difficult because it takes time and effort to create a diverse and inclusive culture.

In this situation, it’s critical to take the initiative to improve their brand culture in order to recruit black female talent. This may entail taking a range of steps, such as assessing the effectiveness of current policies and procedures, delivering diversity and inclusion training, or assembling a diverse leadership team.

The seven measures your business can take to alter its brand culture in order to recruit black female talent are outlined in this eBook. You may position yourself as an appealing employer for black women and other underrepresented groups by adhering to these guidelines and demonstrating your commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluate your current brand culture
  • Identify any barriers to inclusion
  • Communicate your commitment to diversity
  • Provide diversity and inclusion training
  • Build a diverse leadership team
  • Partner with organisations that support diversity
  • Recruit from diverse sources


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