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PlayStation has been at the forefront of interactive and digital entertainment since the debut of their first console in 1994. Today, their products, software and services are in millions of households worldwide.

They bring together game developers, software engineers, data analysts, content creators, network services, cybersecurity, operations, business administration and cross-functional professionals — all working as a team to create incredible experiences on a global stage.

Playstation are also proud to celebrate diversity at PlayStation. Their Employee Resource groups, including Women@PlayStation, REPRESENT@PlayStation, Wellbeing@PlayStation, and their award-winning LGBTQ+ group, Pride@PlayStation, actively promote inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

GTA Black Women In Tech & Playstation are working together to build bridges of opportunities in tech by enabling black female talents to excel and start their career in a company that values black women of talent. Explore the latest job roles PlayStation has to offer and perhaps you will soon start your career at PlayStation!

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The story of Jasmin Moore

Tell us about your journey into tech?

I started my journey into the tech industry by getting an internship in community management at an IT firm. From there, I managed community for an ad agency recruiting filmmakers, building systems, and running projects on a small start-up team.

All the while I knew I wanted to work in games, so I became a creative recruiter and used those insights to build my own portfolio. After taking a few indie projects, I landed my first industry role as a Writer on Elite Dangerous: Odyssey.

With that, I was officially in the gaming industry! Along the way, I switched from development into internal product management, after taking a break to spend time with family, I returned to the UK where I started at PlayStation’s London Studio.

What does your role involve at PlayStation?

As Game Design Manager at London Studio, I work between the creative and production functions to ensure that things run smoothly. From sprint planning to recruitment, designer check-ins, event planning, and systems design – if it touches the department, I’m coordinating with folks behind the scenes.

How would you describe the culture?

If I could describe it in three words, London Studio’s culture is welcoming, balanced, and empowering. There’s always room to explore new ideas and contribute to the project in whatever way you’re passionate about.

I’m a storyteller at heart, so I work with the narrative team to pitch ideas, develop the world, and write whenever I’ve got a spare moment.

Since joining, the whole team is open to experimenting with new methods of development and there’s a real sense of freedom and trust. It’s refreshing to come to work with talented people who are all working toward a common goal.


What would you say is your biggest achievement?

Embracing variety as a strength. Early in my career I held the misconception that there was no room for me in the gaming industry since I didn’t have a relevant educational background. Having been in the industry for the better part of 5 years, I now know. There is room in gaming and tech – for people with all sorts of skills.

PlayStation Employee
Games Design Manager, Jasmin Moore for London Studios.