With all the excitement of NFT and the Metaverse world, GTA BWIT is thrilled to announce one of our most passionate projects: the Black Women In Tech Non-Fungible Token Collection. The collection wishes to celebrate the representation and inclusivity of women of colour inside or outside the tech industry. 10 pieces of artwork depict our women in every moment of life, from the finest moment of them girl-bossing, to living an adventurous exciting life, or just strolling down the street to the brunch place with the most serving outfit. The project goal is for anyone to feel empowered to move into the next chapter of technology


When we started the project, we had hundreds of ideas and directions. However, the ultimate thing we want to achieve is to deliver the vibe and the atmosphere of confident women. Therefore, we chose not to go with the path of sculpturing the almost life-like model, we chose to go with cartoon-inspired characters. The quirkiness that comes from the cartoony features is just effortless yet serves our best.


The project required truly heavy 3D techniques. We need the perfect model for us to enable to move forward with the progresses

The NFTs

Available for sale soon

The 10 NFT will soon be available for sale and offer exclusive opportunities or early access for the holders. Create your free members’ account or join our mailing list to be notified when the collection is available for sale. Click here

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