TLA Black Women in Tech is able to reach out to talented Black Women, connect with allies, educate individuals on diversity and inclusion topics and influence the next generation to start a career in technology.

At TLA Black Women in Tech, we help companies improve:

  • Diversity at junior to board level.
  • Brand innovation, performance and engagement through diversity and inclusion strategies advise tech companies on embedding inclusion and diversity to the DNA of their organisations.
  • Identify hidden bias and provide guidance on reducing bias and thus inclusive.


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Talent Attraction

Is your brand struggling to attract or retain BAME talents? Are you struggling to articulate an inclusive brand?

Companies who are diverse always achiever higher company performances than the ones who aren’t. Our team of branding expert can help your brand effectively present their assets to attract diverse talent and other stakeholders. We do brand communication, brand visual presentation, brand culture and brand campaign.

From £750/day

Keynote Talk & Training

As part of your Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, do you invite speakers and training consultancies to provide talks on a variety of themes relating to diversity and inclusion?

Discover how your brand can successfully carry out their diversity and inclusion journey while connecting emotionally with their employees and a large audience of stakeholders who continuously choose you without hesitation.

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Diversity and Inclusion consultancy

Are you trying to create value and growth through diversity and inclusion?

We help organisations build a strong talent foundation through diverse professionals to excel and deliver breakthrough performances.

  • We start by developing an in-depth employee strategy.
  • We define your D&I role and deliveries
  • We design and implement your action plan
  • We evaluate and assess the impact


From £750/day

Job promotion

Do you have amazing career opportunities you would like to share with our growing network of talented black women in tech?

TLA Black Women in Tech offers you the opportunity to post vacancies on our website. To maximise your reach we will also share it across all our social media channels, slack and our bi-monthly newsletters.

£99 – Single Job Post
£249 – 3 Job Posts
£449 – 5 Job Posts

Brand Growth Awareness

Our Monthly Events

Would you like to get involved in our monthly events?

TLA Black Women in Tech run monthly events around finance, marketing/branding and mental wealth. We cover topics that are relevant for professionals in tech, tech graduates and tech businesses. We always tailor our events to be relevant to our sponsors’ needs.

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The Voices in The Shadow - The Book

Would you like to be part of a timeless work of art that will showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusivity?

TLA Black Women in Tech is creating the 1st book of representation for inspiration. We will present black women in technology who had an impact over the decades. We aim to inspire professionals but also the younger generation to start a career in technology.

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Brand promotion

Would you like to promote your brand through our growing network?

TLA Black Women in Tech has grown its network across various communication channels: newsletter, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack, Instagram and email outreach. We can develop your brand content strategy, content planning, brand visual creation and digital campaign.

From £750/day

Bespoke brand collaboration

Bespoke Service

Are you looking to collaborate with us on a bespoke project?

TLA Black Women in Tech is a team of creatives with strategy, design and marketing expertise. If you have a specific challenge you would like to address, we can offer solutions tailored specifically for your company.

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