Tell us about your journey into tech?
I started in the mid-80s as a Sales Manager in a computer consumable company, In 1992 I then went on to found my own computer consumables distribution company selling commodity IT products such as data storage media and print media, I formed the company from my spare bedroom and grew at a rate of around 25% a year. To then Move into leased offices and then purchasing my own commercial building. Employing 5 people I managed to reach £1 million turnover within 7 years. In Yearly 2000s I became one of the pioneers of the Dotcom era when I launched the companies first e-commerce website which was 3rd generation of its time. I had great success and became one of the first companies in its industry selling IT consumable products online, I put the success down to my industry knowledge and my technology connections. I reached £1.5 million Turnover by 2005 and was a finalist for the Institute of Directors Business Woman of the Year. In 2007 I sold the company.

How do you feel you have made a difference in what you do?
I feel I have been commercially creative and enjoyed having this opportunity.

What would you say is your biggest achievement?
I managed to become independent of employers.

How do you think people can go about making a difference, in regards to spreading awareness of Black Women in tech?
Engage in activity such as Black Women in Tech whether you are an organisation or person it is necessary to access this type of activity to gain an understanding of how you can approach every situation.