Tell us about your journey into tech?
I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. From there, I landed my first job in New York City as a Software Engineer.

How do you feel you have made a difference in what you do?
I feel that I’ve made a difference in showing up as myself and using my voice to speak up and advocate for myself and other people. I’m always making sure that what I say is valuable to the organization and group that I am speaking to.

What do you feel is your biggest achievement?
Getting promoted to Senior Software Engineer. It’s the first time I felt seen and recognized for all the hard work that I have put in.

How do you think people can go about making a difference, in regards to spreading awareness of Black Women in tech?
By sharing and amplifying our stories. Letting people know that we exist and that we are doing amazing and great things. Also, stand up for us when you see that something is happening that is unfair.

What do you believe are the most effective ways to engage other ethnicities and genders to embrace diversity?
The most effective way is to make sure that it’s not on the minority groups to care about diversity. Everyone has to care for the betterment of the community and the organization that they are a part of.

What advice do you want to give to black women entrepreneurs or professionals who to achieve more within the tech sector?
1. What do you think black women in tech should start doing?
Black Women in Tech should start showcasing their talents publically. It’s how the opportunities will arise.

2. What do you think black women in tech should keep doing?
Black Women in Tech should keep showing up and being great.

3. What do you think black women in tech should stop doing?
Stop selling yourself short. You deserve to be here probably more than the other people there because you’ve had to work harder to get to where they are.

If you could advise your younger self, what would you say?
I would advise my younger self to stay hungry and stop stressing out about the small things. Don’t be afraid to fail because there’s always a lesson.