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  • Crisis To Catalyst

    This 30-minute feature film explores the impact of COVID-19 on FinTech and society at large. Speaking to some of the leading figures in the global FinTech ecosystem, we delve into the challenges to personal data, the evolving conversation on diversity and inclusion in FinTech, and the democratisation of banking today.

  • flavilla fongang onstage

    5th most influential woman in Tech

    Flavilla Fongang founded experiential branding and marketing agency 3 Colours Rule in 2008 to provide services in brand awareness, development and design. As well as being a serial entrepreneur and speaker, she is the founder of the Tech London Advocates Black Women in Tech group and a brand advisor for the BBC. Flavilla Fongang is …

  • Tech Brains Talk Relaunch

    Flavilla Fongang relaunched her podcast, Tech Brains Talk, this September and the growth gain has been phenomenal!