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Why is this book project important?

The problem

The under-representation of black women leaves young girls without the role models, confidence or inspiration to achieve their dreams. They are missing out on countless opportunities. We may have seen some improvements, but this is not enough. For a greater impact, an increase in representation is imperative. Also, new research suggests that more than half of the UK workforce lack essential digital skills needed for work, raising fears that the country is heading toward a digital skills shortage as employers begin ramping up their post-pandemic recruitment efforts.


The solution

Through showcasing the stories of successful black women excelling within the tech industry, we can give young girls the encouragement and support to achieve everything they want and deserve; to feel inspired and empowered.

The Voices in the Shadow book amplifies the stories of 51 black women excelling in tech. Sharing their journeys and bringing awareness that will impact 3 generations: those currently in the workplace, those entering, and those trying to figure out their future. We are inviting you to be a part of this journey, to help more young girls achieve their dreams, transcend and flourish.


 What do we intend to do?


  •  We designed a creative book. 51 stories are part of the hard copy and we extended the number of featured stories in the digital version. Each story comes with an interactive section for the readers.
  • We started with 300 books distributed for FREE towards 300 schools across the UK and Ireland. We will carry on distributing this book until all secondary schools in the UK & Ireland have a copy.
  •  For Black History Month, our book launch event took take place on the 28th of October 2021. We had a series of fireside chats with sponsors and women from the book sharing their journey, guidance and so much more.
  •  Throughout 2022, we will carry out activities to connect scholars and the women of the book. For example, digital or in school storytelling events.
  •  Throughout 2002, we will measure the impact of the book and produce a report which will present insights and data about the book initiative, and scholars’ aspirations to start a career in technology. The report will be made available to the government, media, schools, and companies.


 The impact we intend to make

We have reached 300 schools with 400 scholars so an impact of 120,000 scholars. To amplify our impact, we included the pass it on scheme where readers are encouraged to share the book through their network.

Words From The Founder Of This Project:

“I grew up without seeing any aspirational black women despite my mother. Moving to London, I saw more successful black people than I ever saw in Paris. My ambition was elevated. We often only believe in what we see. Without improving representation, the less fortunate are often the ones left with limited aspiration. So, I decided to create this book to revive hope. The Voices In The Shadow illuminates the voices of under-represented talented black women, so we can impact the present and the next generations.


We are supported by Digital & Culture Minister Caroline Dinenage:

Words From The Digital & Culture Minister Caroline Dinenage:

“It’s important children know they can do anything in life, and books like Voices in the Shadows can help them discover new role models and inspire them to aim for the stars.”

“We are committed to working with the industry to create a more diverse tech sector which is positive for society, makes good business sense and helps ensure tech works for everyone.”


About the book

Since the book is based on the idea of ‘revealing’ hidden stories of black women in tech, we want the design to reflect this through a creative book cover.

The Voices In The Shadow book comes with our Blossom Journal. The blossom journal has been designed to help readers dream, set and achieve their goals with clarity.

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