Tell us about your journey into tech?

I worked in the field of international development and education for over a decade. But i realized in my experiences that I needed to get a better grasp on Tech and how it can impact my work. as i did more research cybersecurity and cloud technology stood out to me. I decided to get a diploma in CyberSec and certification in cloud tech.

How do you feel you have made a difference in what you do?
Starting my work with the young girls in She Leads Cyber!

What would you say is your biggest achievement?
Steeping out of “my thing” education and community work, and challenging myself in the Tech world.

How do you think people can go about making a difference, in regards to spreading awareness of Black Women in tech?
We have to promote and lift each other up. If someone reaches out to you, it shouldn’t be “oh this is my mentee”, we should hype each other up and use it as a opportunity to highlight the “new or “existing” talent.

What do you believe are the most effective ways to engage other ethnicities and genders to embrace diversity?
Be deliberate in partnering with them.

What is the best advice you ever received?
Take your place!