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From Forbes to CNN, BBC to live in studio with Sky News and a feature in OK Magazine, Valerie Moran’s Diversity and Inclusion story has captured the imagination. She oversaw the donation of the equivalent of 200,000 school meals to hungry children in Mali in West Africa, in co-operation with Mastercard and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The Sunday Times, in its 2019 edition of The Rich List, named Valerie as the wealthiest black female in the UK. Valerie, who has been described by a reader of The Financial Times as the “UK’s Oprah,” thus became the only black female ever to enter the list in the 31-edition history of the feature and has appeared regularly in the publication since.

Valerie brings a refreshing air of tenacity to the worlds of fintech and philanthropy. She is a founder Director of eCOMM Merchant Solutions, a fast-growing fintech company she established with her husband in 2014. She previously set up another fast-growing fintech company called PFS, which she and her husband sold in 2019. Over the years, her analytical mind and suave management style have helped to put her companies on the global Financial Services map. Valerie and Noel are one of the world’s most successful couples in Financial Technology. 

Valerie was born in Zimbabwe to a family of five children. Her mother was a Beautician, and her father ran several of his own businesses. Growing up, her father worked extremely hard, and this same work ethic has remained with his daughter.

After school, she dreamed of working in the medical field as a Nurse or a Radiographer. However, it was not to be as her parents discouraged these career paths for several reasons. Valerie went on to attend college and studied COBOL/Fortran/C (programming language) and other related Programming Courses. She progressed to become a talented Systems Analyst.

Her parents greatly influenced her life, especially her mother. At home, schooling was promoted and the importance of how education gives independence and hard work leading to success. Valerie comes from a family where her aunts and uncles were highly educated and were Professors and Deans at universities. She always wanted to emulate them and aspired to be successful one day in her own career path.

She admires people who have enjoyed phenomenal success and have given back to their communities. She would absolutely love to have met Nelson Mandela if he were alive today. Someday, she would also love to meet Richard Branson and Bill Gates. The sheer intelligence and masterminds behind what both men created intrigues her.

Her favourite Writer is Agatha Christie. To Valerie, she is timeless and had a prodigious imagination. Valerie’s husband Noel bought her the entire book collection one Christmas. It remains one of her most treasured gifts.

Valerie is an Official Member of the Forbes Business Development Council at