About the book

The under-representation of great Black women leaves Black women and young Black girls to accomplish their goals without role models or confidence. Therefore, an increase in representation is imperative to raise inspiration.

‘The Voices in the Shadow’ aims to showcase the journeys of 51 Black women in the UK who impacted the tech industry. In turn, it gives Black women and young Black girls the empowerment they need for them to feel that there is a place for them to flourish professionally.

  • Distribution: This book will be distributed to educational institutions across the UK and available to the public.
  • Release date: Black History Month, October 2021
  • Deadline: Nominations open until 31 of March 2021

Become a voice

Become one of the UK 51 voices in our upcoming book project ‘The Voices in the Shadow’. 

  • Nominate yourself or other black women who impacted the technology industry

Sponsorship Opportunity

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