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Why is this project important?


The under-representation of great Black women leaves Black women and young Black girls to accomplish their goals without role models or confidence. Therefore, an increase in representation is imperative to raise inspiration. Also, new research suggests that more than half of the UK workforce lack essential digital skills needed for work, raising fears that the country is heading toward a digital skills shortage as employers begin ramping up their post-pandemic recruitment efforts.

‘The Voices in the Shadow’ aims to showcase the journeys of 51 Black women in the UK who impacted the tech industry. In turn, it gives Black women and young Black girls the empowerment they need for them to feel that there is a place for them to flourish professionally.

What do we intend to do?


  •  We will design a creative book. 51 stories will be part of the hard copy but we intend to extend the number of featured stories in the digital version. Each story comes with an interactive section that will be revealed to the readers.
  • We will get 300 books printed and distributed for FREE towards 300 schools across the UK.
  •  For Black History Month, our book launch event will take place on the 28th of October 2021. We will have a series of talks where speakers and panellists share their journey, guidance and so much more.
  •  Throughout the year, we will carry out activities to connect scholars and the women of the book. For example, digital or in school storytelling events.
  •  Throughout the year, we will measure the impact of the book and produce a report which will present insights and data about the book initiative, and scholars’ aspirations to start a career in technology. The report will be made available to the government, media, schools, and companies


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Words From The Founder of TLA Black Women in Tech :

“I grew up without seeing any aspirational black women despite my mother. Moving to London, I saw more successful black people than I ever saw in Paris. My ambition was elevated. We often only believe in what we see. Without improving representation, the less fortunate are often the ones left with limited aspiration. So, I decided to create this book to revive hope. The Voices In The Shadow illuminates the voices of under-represented talented black women, so we can impact the present and the next generations.”

Words From The Digital & Culture Minister Caroline Dinenage:

“It’s important children know they can do anything in life, and books like Voices in the Shadows can help them discover new role models and inspire them to aim for the stars.”

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If one of your company goals is to improve diversity and be involved in a project with a long-lasting impact, this project is for you. Associate your brand with a timeless project that will positively impact multiple generations. The Voices in The Shadow will change the narrative towards Black Women, improve diversity at levels and increase the interest in a tech career within the young Black community.

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