The Voices In The Shadow

The monolithic workforce in the tech industry has caused a lack of representation when it comes to women of colour in the industry. As black women, it is usually difficult for us to be seen in the majority of spaces for the work we do in tech. Despite this, there are black women out there who continue to show their efforts and drive through their contributions and technology innovations.

In correlation with the work we are doing with Black Women in Tech, we are creating a book called ‘The Voices in the Shadow’. This will present 51 black women that are doing great things in tech, shining a light on these women. Our hope is to inspire young individuals, who are afraid to venture into the world of tech and to give them guidance and support with this book.


The book is based around the idea of ‘revealing something’. As the name of the book suggests, we want the design of the book to reflect that. Our conceptual approach is to provide an engaging cover that can visually communicate the essence of our book.

We want to experiment with a heat-sensitive book cover that uses thermal ink (see fig to the left). When the book is picked up by warm hands, the cover design begins to fully reveal itself layer by layer until its revealed the full illustration of ‘The Voices in the Shadow’. When the book is set aside on a shelf, its fades back to its original cover design.

Project Phases

Phase 1: Campaign launch

December 2020 until February 2021
We will launch a national campaign inviting individuals to nominate a black woman in tech, or for black women in tech to nominate themselves. When all the nominations are received, we will then invite the public to vote for the black women they believe should be featured in the book.

Phase 2: Interviews

From March until May 2021
We will then interview 100 women who will also be featured on our website. The public gets to discover the stories of the final hundred women before the final 51 are selected. Judging board from different background in tech will select the final 51.

Phase 3: Print

August 2021
The 51 women will be announced and the book is now ready to be printed. 100 women who have been shortlisted will be showcased on our website.

Phase 4: Broadcast

October 2021

  • Targeted Media & Publicity
  • Targeted School Outreach
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Book Launch


Phase 5: Distribution & Activities

Ongoing from October 2021

  • School, Libraries, Companies
  • Events and presentations
  • Internships
  • Mentoring
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