About Motúnráyọ̀ Sholola (Ṣólọlá)

Motúnráyọ̀’s Biography


Thank you for reading my story and visiting my page.


Motúnráyọ̀ Sholola (Ṣólọlá) is an outstanding leader, digital content specialist, mentor, educationalist and advocate for change who seeks to empower and educate young people and those who are less privileged in her community.

Passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion, Motúnráyọ̀ does whatever it takes to uplift, motivate and instil a sense of worth in those with whom she works. Her moto is:
“There is no one who is beyond saving and everyone deserves a chance in life.”

Motúnráyọ̀ is the first co-chair of the Shaw Trust Woman’s Network and is a member of the race equality network. She has held positions on a number of charitable boards as trustee and director, for organisations such as Lambeth Law Centre, CVG I care and I Hope. Motúnráyọ̀ has a heart for the people and charity is at the heart of what she does. If she is not going to the streets and feeding the homeless, she is participating in vitality runs and skydives to raise funds for those who are affected by issues, such as legal aid cuts, domestic violence, substance abuse and knife and gun crime.
Motúnráyọ̀ studied Law at BPP University and acquired her Masters in International Law and Criminal Justice at the University of East London. Both her dissertations focused on organised crime, its causes and effects in our society. With clear links between poverty and crime, Motúnráyọ̀ has sought proactive ways to involve young people in the community through activities that both engage and equip them for a successful and sustainable future.

Her hope and aspiration is to wipe out digital poverty amongst the less fortunate, bringing them stronger and brighter prospects.