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Adrienne Everett started her career on Wall Street on the Equity Derivatives Team at J.P. Morgan in an institutional sales capacity.  She then shifted into private equity,  joining Abbott Capital Management’s marketing and business development team prior to being recruited by Morgan Stanley U.K. in 2013. Adrienne remained with Morgan Stanley in the UK and later transitioned to their U.S. Wealth Management Division.

In 2018, after spending over a decade in financial services, Adrienne relocated to London from the US to lead business development, for a financial technology company with a focus on financial inclusion.   She now serves as an Account Director at Linkedin on the Marketing Solutions Team leading financial services.

Adrienne believes strongly in helping close the gap around the accessibility of careers in technology and helping people from diverse backgrounds meet their professional goals. 

She is actively involved in giving back to her community by creating distinctive programs for organisations providing strategic opportunities for growth and expansion of their diversity and inclusion agendas.

She is a renowned international speaker who spoke at AdvertisingWeek, AdWorld,  MozCon, CTA Conference, MarTech Fest, DMWF, Orbit and more.

She was invited at The Palais de l’Elisée by the President of France, Mr Emmanuel Macron and the President of Ghana, Mr Nana Akufo-Addo to discuss business opportunities in Africa.

On top of being highly demanded by various newspapers like The Economist, The Guardian, The Entrepreneur, she cares a lot about diversity and inclusion to provide more equal opportunities for the next generations. She was born & raised in Paris and moved to London in 2002 despite being unable to speak English. Within her first year in London, she obtained a BA in Economics & Law, a BA in Marketing & Communications and an MA in International Business with distinction. Her determination extends to helping her clients achieve their goals and they appreciate her positive attitude and fun personality. As a result, Flavilla’s clients have achieved outstanding outcomes for their business.