• How To Prepare For Your Next Job Interview With A Tech Company

    Just about every candidate in today’s job market, particularly tech-related, will have to interview with multiple companies before finding the perfect fit. The process goes both ways and requires you to perform your best each time to ensure a positive outcome. This can be daunting, and there are so many thoughts you’ll likely have before …

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  • Apple & TLA Black Women In Tech for International Women’s Month

    TLA Black Women In Tech is proud to announce another collaboration with Apple in celebration of International Women’s Month In celebration of International Women’s Month, join us and Apple to learn more about career opportunities at Apple Retail and hear testimonials from our inspiring in-store speakers. Click here to find out how to attend Apple …

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  • How To Transition Into Tech After School

    You’ve just graduated from high school or college, and you are ready to start your entry-level job in tech. What do you do to prep for a successful transition into the tech industry? How can you get your first job in the industry? What kind of education will help you make a successful switch to …

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  • The Voices In The Shadow 2 – Nominations now close!

    We are so delighted to announce that this year we will release the 2nd edition of The Voices In The Shadow and shine the light on 51 new black women in tech who have made an impact in tech. This second edition will be distributed to 500 schools across the UK. Nominations close. We will …

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  • Apple & TLA Black Women In Tech Collaboration

      TLA Black Women In Tech is proud to announce its collaboration with Apple to bring more black women and girls in tech to work with the most exciting tech company in the world. Find out why your uniqueness is perfect for a career at Apple.  What are you passionate about? Music? Art? Photography? Fitness? …

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  • The schools that received the books

    Barking and Dagenham Schools Barking Abbey School Eastbury Community School Riverside School The Sydney Russell School Jo Richardson Community School Eastbrook School Riverside School The Warren School Trinity School   Newham Schools Forest Gate Community School Brampton Manor Academy Lister Community School East London Science School Cumberland School Kingsford Community School Little Ilford School Langdon …

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  • Sponsorship with Deutsche Bank

    We are delighted to announce our new ongoing sponsorship with Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank as a leading German multinational banking and financial services company, aims to drive change and innovation in the industry. They promote integrity, sustainable performance and innovation with their clients, employees and society at large. The bank’s network stretches through 58 countries …

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  • Nominations open!

    The under-representation of great Black women leaves Black women and young Black girls to accomplish their goals without role models or confidence. Therefore, an increase in representation is imperative to raise inspiration. ‘The Voices in the Shadow’ aims to showcase the journeys of 51 Black women in the UK who impacted the tech industry. In turn, …

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  • Solaris: A leadership development programme for black women

    Breaking ‘The Black Glass Ceiling’  Why this programme matters:  Only 1.5% of senior positions in UK businesses are held by black people Black women face a double burden of racism and sexism to reach the top Solaris aims to shatter ‘The Black Glass Ceiling’ – empowering black women professionals to advance into senior management, the …

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  • Analytical Storyteller, Suki Fuller

    Suki Fuller is a competitive strategic advisor, analytical storyteller, and acclaimed keynote speaker. Her eclectic 16-year career within strategic intelligence and technology has taken her from the US Department of Defense to teaching students in China. She currently resides in London, where she is an intrinsic part of the tech community and was recently named …

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  • Crisis To Catalyst

    This 30-minute feature film explores the impact of COVID-19 on FinTech and society at large. Speaking to some of the leading figures in the global FinTech ecosystem, we delve into the challenges to personal data, the evolving conversation on diversity and inclusion in FinTech, and the democratisation of banking today.

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  • flavilla fongang onstage

    5th most influential woman in Tech

    Flavilla Fongang founded experiential branding and marketing agency 3 Colours Rule in 2008 to provide services in brand awareness, development and design. As well as being a serial entrepreneur and speaker, she is the founder of the Tech London Advocates Black Women in Tech group and a brand advisor for the BBC. Flavilla Fongang is …

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