A Career With Aleph Insights


Why Start A Career with Aleph Insights

Company vision and mission 

Aleph Insights is a small, boutique analytical and data science consultancy that specialises in serving clients in the defence, security and risk management domains. Our experience has shown us that there are many areas in these sectors where decisions are still made based on instinct or tradition. We believe that data and new technologies can be transformative in improving decision-making. We have grown organically since our foundation in 2014, but have now reached a stage where our reputation and portfolio of clients is able to underpin potentially quite rapid expansion. Over the next two years, we want to both expand our current market share in our established sectors and move into other sectors such as healthcare, insurance and capital investment. We now have a collection of IP, experience and contacts which we believe will support this growth and we are now looking for the talent to support our plans.

A career at Aleph Insights looks like

Our culture is defined by a shared intellectual curiosity and a belief that better decision-making ultimately benefits all causes. Having the passion to change things is only one piece of the jigsaw. To be successful in having an impact, we believe you also need the evidence to know how to change things optimally. We are a small company, which errs towards the informal. We try to concentrate on outcomes rather than processes. The things we hate are bureaucracy, presenteeism and hierarchies. The things we love are good ideas, analytical thinking and data.

Diversity in inclusion strategy 

We are fairly early on in our journey and we are looking for talented people to help us reach our destination. We are not currently at a scale where we have formalised career pathways or programmes, but we want to make sure we suitably reward the people who help us achieve our goals. It is in our interests to ensure that progression and incentives within our company are entirely meritocratic and that talent recognition is unaffected by cognitive biases. We definitely don’t have all the answers about how to achieve this, but we definitely are open to ideas about how to ensure we create the right opportunities and environment for everyone. We are very interested in receiving and implementing suggestions for policies, structures or actions that will help create a diverse and inclusive organisation that promotes, remunerates and allocates responsibility based purely on ability and contribution, and which listens to every voice equally.

Find below a career opportunity for you

Technology Writer and Researcher

Location: Covent Garden, London
Salary: Flexible, depending on skills and experience of the candidate

The ideal profile of the candidate

The Technology Writer and Researcher will be required to lead and contribute to a diverse range of analytical projects as well as take a leading role in producing and editing high quality written content across the company. They should have a keen interest in technology and the use of data in addition to a well-developed understanding of the analytical process. They will be responsible for drafting a wide array of written content, from narrative scenarios about the future, through to detailed explanations of analytical methods or proposed data systems.


You will be responsible for:

  • Producing concise and well-designed research papers which summarise complex concepts through a logical narrative;
  • Taking the lead for editing the company’s analytical output and developing house writing styles;
  • Conducting research into areas such as emerging technologies, future environments and novel security challenges;
  • Drafting engaging and immersive narrative scenarios depicting future defence and security challenges;
  • Writing guidance for analytical software tools or data structuring frameworks;
  • Developing succinct content about future technologies and trends for display in analytical software tools;
  • Writing compelling research bids which clearly articulate your vision for future projects to help win new work;
  • Generating materials (audio, video and text-based) which promote our work to potential customers;
  • Meeting clients and generating new business opportunities.


You will also have:

  • Exceptional drafting skills – able to write in a range of formats for different audiences, taking complex technological concepts and discussing them in a clear but conceptually valid way;
  • Ability to switch between independent and collaborative working – evidence of being able to complete project work to strict deadlines both alone, with minimal supervision, and within a variety of team structures;
  • Knowledge of and enthusiasm for new technologies, particularly in areas of artificial intelligence and data analysis;
  • Good verbal communication skills – the experience of presenting research to groups and being able to respond spontaneously and convincingly to questions;
  • Well-developed analytical perspective – able to fuse quantitative and qualitative information to support sound conclusions, and demonstrate an understanding of probabilistic reasoning and future forecasting;
  • Sound research skills – rapidly assimilating information on unfamiliar topics and developing your own internal model of the key concepts;
  • Openness to new tools and ways of working – willingness and capacity to adopt and utilise new software tools to facilitate real-time collaboration and the delivery of interactive content.


For further details and to apply please click here
Closing date: 30/04/2021
Contact query: Chris@alephinsights.com
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