The engine behind GTA Black Women in Tech

GTA Black Women in Tech has been fully created and backed by 3 Colours Rule from our inception – they’ve been with us from the very beginning and continue to be the engine that powers us.

3 Colours Rule is an award winning London brand strategy and marketing agency that specialises in inclusive branding and marketing. This includes DE&I employer branding and personal leadership branding. Among their clients are Meta, HSBC, Toyota and many more.

They work with companies to develop comprehensive employer brand strategies that highlight tech business’ commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion. Their expertise and tailored approach, attracts and retains diverse workforces so brands stand out in a crowded job market.

Supporting our communites

Inclusive branding and marketing for better customer engagement and acquisition

BRiM is an initiative developed by Meta to increase Black representation in the UK marketing industry.

3 Colours Rule applied their experience, and knowledge of diversity issued to construct and launch an identity that reflected the right language, values that ensure it resonated with its target audience. 

Personal branding for leaders to drive growth and attract stakeholders


They enhance tech companies by building their CEO’s voice, , positioning, social media, networking and event speaking opportunities. This created a double win – improving both CEO and their company’s profile and communications that opened doors and won them a most sought-after contract.

Employer branding and campaigns for better DE&I results: talent acquisition and retention

When Apple needed to reach out and to gain interest as a diversity employer in the tech sector, they found 3 Colours Rule was expert at planning and running events, tailored to acquisition.

They got 5 hires from their first event; generating x10 return on investment.

Inclusive brand and personal branding for today and tomorrow’s brands

3 Colours Rule are one of a new breed of agencies who provide thought leadership enhancement programmes. These are strategic branding plans and social media campaigns that establish leaders as experts in their field – whether they are already getting known about or have just started to reach out. 

In today’s landscape, cementing a strong personal brand is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’; it’s a necessity. Personal brands are a reflection of a leader’s exceptional identity, values, and expertise. Often their most powerful tool for elevating professional success.

3 Colours Rule takes care to develop key strategies for defining and enhancing personal brands, to reach target audiences; crafting compelling stories, creating quality and consistent content, and maintaining authenticity.

How they do it

Their Brand Growth Model helps you achieve the success your tech company deserves. You’re guaranteed to have a great team with a track record of working successfully with companies like yours.

You are supported with:

Brand Discovery Workshop

Questions and interviews to fully understand everything about your brand, vision, goals, and your market.

Brand Audit

In-depth research into your competitive landscape with evaluations and directives for a brand strategy, identity and marketing & communications activities.

Success Roadmap

In-depth research into your competitive landscape with evaluations and directives for a brand strategy, identity and marketing & communications activities.

Actions – time to grow

Now that the plan is set, it is time to activate. Of course, you’re not alone – you have a dedicated team of experts supporting the success of your brand, monitoring and guiding along the way.

Start a brand discovery workshop to gain an unbiased review of your brand, vision,  business goals, and market.